Question: Are Web Panels (WP) suitable for industrial applications?
Answer: Web Panels are available in aluminum or stainless-steel frames and are specially designed for use in industrial applications and for ambient temperatures from 0 to 55 degrees Celsius. The standard version is perfect for installation in control cabinets and consoles – with IP65 protection class on the front side.

Question: What advantages does the QIWI software toolkit available for Web Panels (WP) offer users?
Answer: The integrated QIWI toolkit software package provides the user with a HTML5 browser with optimized performance and offers options for easy configuration and parameterization of various properties such as network, appearance and behavior of the browser or touch key and language settings. 

Question: Which processor are the Touch Panels (WP) equipped with? 
Answer: The Web Panels offer the choice between Arm® based i.MX6 single or dual core, Arm® based i.MX8M Mini quad core, and Intel Atom® based dual or quad core processors to provide a flexible choice of performance levels. The scalable Display-Line Touch Panels are equipped with an i.MX6 CPU, the Control Panels with Arm® i.MX6 or Intel Atom® processors.

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