Building Services Technology

The Future Writ Large

How much electronics can be found in modern buildings? Important use cases include low-energy sensors, wireless communication systems, housing automation and modern lighting management. 


Fully Automated Scale Protection for Domestic Water Installations

Mineral-rich water leaves deposits on tiles, fixtures and glass surfaces. This can be prevented by an automatic scale protection system for domestic water installations that makes “hard” water “soft”. To achieve this, water is passed through two electrodes connected to a power source. This generates electrical fields, so-called electrolytic impulses, which alter the structure of the calcium crystals and thereby prevent deposits. The electronic control unit developed by Kontron Electronics generates these electronic impulses. A touch display based on modern Cortex A processors and embedded Linux permits easy initialization, parameter setting, functional display and remote data transmission. 


Control Unit for Automatic Doors

Automatic doors have become indispensable in the modern world – in airports, hospitals, banks and shopping centers and many other use cases. The drive units for these automatic doors dynamically and continually control the door motor and all connected sensors. Because human safety must have top priority, control units developed by Kontron Electronics meet maximum security requirements. Complex testing procedures ensure compliance with the respective regulations and final TÜV certification. No matter whether it’s a sliding glass panel, sliding door, carousel door or automatic revolving door: each device has its own safety concept and satisfies the special requirements on its control system. 


Control Units for Shading Systems

Intelligent shading systems with automatic timers and sensors for registering weather data have become a regular feature of modern building services technology. In windy and rainy conditions, the systems are automatically retracted to prevent damage, while in sunny and hot weather the systems deploy automatically to keep temperatures pleasantly cool indoors. The shading systems can be controlled via building automation or a hand-held transmitter. 

In cooperation with a client, Kontron Electronics has developed an application for electronic control of shading systems based on a 7” touch display, an i.MX6 processor and embedded Linux as operating system. The circuit board comes with special interfaces and connectors, and the entire assembly including a touch display is mounted within a casing also developed by Kontron Electronics.  The casing is installed inside a wall box; cables can be connected easily via knock-out outlets at the back of the casing. The entire assembly consisting of touch display, control unit and casing is designed for recessed wall mounting.

Control Units for Sanitary Fittings

Sanitary fittings, e.g. sink faucets, now frequently come equipped with infrared sensors which permit touch-free operation and help save water. In cases where use is only seasonal, e.g. in hotels, faucets are often not used at all for longer periods. But to prevent bacterial buildup and keep the odor trap operational, they must nevertheless be flushed at regular intervals.  

Kontron Electronics has developed a micro-unit for electronic control and sensor response of infrared sanitary devices. This permits programming of faucets to flush on specific dates and for a specific length of time. The microcontroller which regulates the water supply valve relies on battery power to guarantee reliable valve control. The microcontroller also monitors the charge status of the battery and ensures that the valve is opened only when there is enough power left to close the valve again after the flushing operation.

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