Environmental Technology

Our Contribution to Conservation

As a strong engineering and manufacturing partner, Kontron Electronics offers solutions for a wide range of use cases in all fields of energy and environmental technology.


Control Unit for Gas Analysis Device

Gas analysis devices are needed wherever gas is produced or processed. Possible use cases include biogas generation and treatment, processing of sewage gas or energy production from gas. An innovative product permits high-precision analysis of gases as well as control of gas plants and their peripheries. The custom control panel developed by Kontron Electronics for this product regulates the analysis processes and lets the user communicate with the production facility via touch display.


Control Unit for a Battery Management System

We’re all familiar with those little robot vacuum cleaners, household helpers that autonomously and efficiently clean floors without consuming much power. They don’t need a cable because they get their energy from a rechargeable battery. Kontron Electronics has developed a safety management board for such a robot vacuum cleaner. The board monitors the individual battery cells, their charging levels as well as their temperatures – a challenging project not just in terms of the electronics, but also with a view to safety considerations and certification requirements.


Water Quality: Control Unit for Measurement and Sampling Technology

Producers who discharge wastewater into the sewer system or a waterway must ensure that this does not cause contamination. This means that they must sample and analyze any treated wastewater before it goes back into the water cycle. The sampling and measurement device fills the bottles automatically, collecting samples either over a certain time period, at specific, pre-determined intervals or on a quantity basis. Within the device, the bottles are cooled to a few degrees above freezing to prevent proliferation of remaining, non-hazardous germs or breakdown of contaminants. After a preset time period the samples are discarded, the bottles are rinsed and the sampling process begins anew.  With the aid of this measurement and sampling technology, the user can present seamless evidence of water quality whenever required.

The device includes a status display for information such as the time of current or most recent sampling. The control system as well as the process and user interface software were developed by Kontron Electronics.

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