Mechanical Engineering

For custom requirements

We offer innovative solutions for our clients, from miniaturized sensors to intelligent drive controllers to complex control and visualization systems. 


Control Unit for Hydraulic Press Brakes

The hydraulic press consists of the NC control unit, hydraulic cylinders, valves, magnets and an electronic control system developed by Kontron Electronics. The NC unit’s part program issues commands to the electronic control system to define the respective positions of the hydraulic cylinders. In accordance with these commands, the valves are controlled quickly and precisely via the electronic control. The challenge lies in managing the short cycle times of the digital controls, which are in the single-digit millisecond range. The electronic control unit makes an analog interface, or optionally a field bus interface, available to the superordinate NC control.  


Control Unit for Fluid Fixtures

In building services technology, the supply of fluids, gases or steam, e.g. in heating systems, can be controlled electronically via a dedicated intelligent drive technology. The electronic control unit developed by Kontron Electronics tells the drive motor of the system to open or close the control valve and thus performs the required control function. The electronic control in turn receives the relevant commands from a superordinate control system. The control variables can be defined digitally (OPEN/SHUT) or analog (0-10V).


Control Unit for Tool Measurement Devices

When a machine is fitted with a new tool, it immediately has to function smoothly and precisely.  So-called tool measurement devices are used to ensure this by optically measuring the tool. The electronic control unit developed by Kontron Electronics is responsible for optimal lighting during the measurement process, because the camera of the tool measurement device can only gain optimal measurement values if the tool is perfectly illuminated. 


Control Unit for Tool Grinding Machines

Tool grinding machines can feature up to 7 axes for workpiece cutting or milling. To conduct these machining tasks precisely, they need intelligent electronic controls. The assembly developed by Kontron Electronics reads inputs, activates outputs and sets diagnostic LEDs for error display. Should the machine malfunction, the LED display permits rapid error detection and remote diagnosis.


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