About Kontron Slovenia ODM/EMS

Kontron Slovenia ODM/EMS ist ein One-Stop-Shop im Bereich der Elektronikfertigungsdienstleistungen. Das Unternehmensportfolio umfasst Forschung & Entwicklung, Einführung neuer Produkte, Prototyping & Serienproduktion, Elektronik- & Endmontage, Programmierung & Test, Systemintegration, Verpackung, Lager & Logistik und After-Sales-Support. Das ist unser Metier seit fast 75 Jahren!

Today, the company is regionally active electronics manufacturing service provider with 115 employees at the production site in Kranj, Slovenia. The company is part of Kontron ODM/EMS Alliance and belongs to the Kontron Group.

Further Information

Responsible Corporate Governance

We develop our products in close cooperation with our partners and customers. We strive to achieve high-quality, customized solutions and services that meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our business partners and customers supply us with constant feedback in order to help us provide them with total customer satisfaction.

Product development and adaptability are the two basic maxims of our operation. Throughout our existence, we have helped to push the technological limits of communication by turning ideas into concrete innovations.

We constantly encourage our employees to undertake training and education courses. The company focuses on the development of its young staff to ensure we maintain our competitive advantage. “Integrity characterises our relationship with our business partners, fellow workers, associates and the public.” This statement summarises our company’s principles. We strive to meet high ethical and legal standards. The employees of Kontron d.o.o. have committed themselves to adhere strictly to the principles of the Code of Conduct.

Polic Jernej

Our Vision

Partner of choice by providing comprehensive high-quality electronics manufacturing services.


Our Mission

Excellence in Meeting the expectations that our customers and partners place in our company.
Professional EMS with experience in developing, producing and integrating complex products and solutions of the highest quality standards

Our quality awareness

Based on our 70 years of experience, we are committed to following five basic principles throughout all the work: business excellence, tailor-made solutions, technology without limits, unparalleled expertise, principled and honourable.

Our Environmental Commitment

Iskratel EMS takes ecological responsibility for the environment and future generations seriously. In product development and in our forward-looking investments, our thoughts and actions are defined by high environmental responsibility.



It matters to us what kind of world future generations will inherit.
At Kontron Iskratel ODM/EMS we relate to the fundamental operating principles of the Kontron d.o.o. which we believe in and promote.

Dates and Facts

2023The integration of Iskratel into the Kontron Group has been completed and Iskratel EMS at the Kranj site in Slovenia will operate as Kontron d.o.o. in the future.
2022Production at Kontron Europe GmbH, Augsburg opens assembly, systems integration and avionics services to third parties
2021Part of the Kontron ODM/EMS Alliance  -  Merger of the 6 European production sites Kontron Electronics GmbH, Frickenhausen (Germany) as well as Kontron Electronics Kft. Tab and Pécs (Ungarn), the  production sites Kontron Austria GmbH, Ebbs and Engerwitzdorf (Austria) as well as the company Iskratel d.o.o based in Kranj (Slovenia)
2020Entry into the S&T Group   
2019Carrier-grade SD-PON  |  Mesh Wi-Fi  |  Evolution to 5G
2018World's first dual-nature OLT  |  5G safety project
2017Start-up programme |  First eCall implementation in EU
2015Virtualisation | Cloud-services platform
2014Slovenian Railways GSM-R turnkey project  
2012Entry into industry verticals 
2009Siemens AG exit
1989Siemens AG Joint Venture
1947Establishment of company 
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